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Air Connect by Jindal: Advanced Pipe Systems for Industrial Fluids
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For Compressed Air, Vacuum and Inert Gas Distribution Systems

Air Connect Piping system are composed of Multi layered composite pipes and a range of different types of fittings. The fittings are available in Brass and Plastic materials and are joint using either compression technique or crimp technique. This provides the customer various options to choose from depending on their budget, requirement and application.

Compressed Air is required in manufacturing and industrial activities for a multitude of applications. It is used to control and regulate appliances and is the driving force for pneumatic drills, conveyors, spray guns, machine tools etc. For these appliances to function correctly it is very important to ensure that the quality of air employed is excellent. In Air Connect pipes the inner surface of the pipe which comes in direct contact with air is made of polyethylene which unlike metal pipes guarantees absence of rust and impurities formed by condensation that could become detached from the pipe walls. Cleaner Air also means that the filters require less maintenance. Also Air Connect pipes are suitable for use at high operating pressures of upto 232 psi. Air Connect Pipes are bendable without springing back and come in coils of upto 200 meters which significantly reduces the number of joints in the piping system.

Air Connect piping system can be easily and quickly installed, modified or expanded without the need for specialized equipment, providing clean, reliable and long-term performance. The strength of Jindal lies in its quality products and prompt service. For over 50 years Jindal has been a trusted name in the piping industry satisfying customers through its extensive distribution network all over India and worldwide.


Pipes and fittings are supplied ready for installation

No in-depth training required

No need to weld, glue, fuse or thread

Time Saving

Easy to install, handle and Transport

Light Weight

Pipes do not require painting

Can be modified or expanded without the need for Specialized Equipment


Long Working Life

Low Thermal Conductivity

Low Thermal linear expansion

Cleaner Air due to corrosion free surface

Better flow rate

Compact Piping system

Bendable without springing back

Lower labour cost & Minimum Fittings